Hi! Thanks for your interest in my workshops, training programs, and webinars.Below you'll find a list of opportunities open to everybody interested in learning more about how to Make Better Strategy and how to design and execute winning strategies.If you have any questions or want to bring Better Strategy to your organization, please get in touch with me at marc@sniukas.com.


The Emergent Approach to Strategy Legacy: Adaptive Design and ExecutionJoin Marc + Peter as they discuss Peter's new book, "The Emergent Approach to Strategy."

🗓 October 31


Strategy season is upon us.
Hold a better strategy offsite this year.
One that creates an impact beyond the event.
So that results are not forgotten on Monday morning.

🗓 November 08

LINKEDIN LIVE: how a better strategy leads to more sales

Join Simon Severino and Dr. Marc Sniukas as they discuss how a good strategy drives your sales and go-to-market.🗓 November 28

LINKEDIN LIVE: how a better strategy leads to more sales

Join Dr. Marc Sniukas and Board Chair Jurate Stanisauskiene as they discuss the Board's role in strategy.Get answers to questions like:
What's the board's role in strategy anyhow?
How to involve the board in strategy?
What does the board expect in terms of strategy from the C-Suite?
🗓 December 05

Accelerated Strategy Execution

Strategy execution is one of the toughest challenges leaders face. In this two week intensive, you learn how to successfully:

  • Involve your organization in strategy development and execution

  • The main challenge when it comes to strategy execution and how to overcome it

  • Align every function, department, and team to your strategy

  • Design your strategy activation system

  • Review and update your strategy while executing it

  • Successfully lead strategic change

Your Strategy Advisor

My name is Dr. Marc SniukasThroughout my career spanning more than two decades, I have collaborated with hundreds of CEOs, senior leaders, executive teams, and business owners across the world, catering to companies of all sizes and industries, helping them design and execute better strategies.Along the way, I developed a range of approaches enabling CEOs and senior leaders to escape the limitations of traditional strategy approaches and make better strategy.

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